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DAYENU! A Passover Haggadah for Families and Children

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Published in 2009, Dayenu! A Passover Haggadah for Families and Children is a feast for both the eyes and the ears!  You can find it at select Barnes & Noble stores... and also right here, right now!

It’s a beautiful, big-print haggadah with gorgeous color illustrations throughout and a lovely narrated music CD which help children, from preschool-age through mid-elementary school-age,  learn everything needed for a song-filled seder. Lyrics to all the songs appear right in the text of the haggadah. The songs on this CD – both “traditional” and new, soon-to-be-classics – are lively and fun for everyone at the seder. Your child will want to listen and sing along with Carol and the Dayenu Children’s Choir all year long.

This product is unique. No other haggadah keeps the focus on child-friendly songs and explanations while also including a CD to help learn the music. Thanks to the clever accompaniment of Dayenu arranger and accompanist Adrian A. Durlester and the Dayenu Children's Choir, the song “Dayenu” is the most fun ever! Several songs also include Klezmer clarinet played by Fred Patzelt. The blessings are sung by a child soloist using traditional Passover nusach (melody) to let children know that they can learn to sing them, too.

Included on the CD or album download are special BONUS learning tracks which teach Mah Nishtanah (“The 4 Questions”) in an especially fun way. There’s also an instrumental-only Mah Nishtanah track to help children practice on their own. Teachers as well as parents will find these tracks invaluable.  Go have a listen now!

Early-childhood educator Leon makes the Passover story and Seder ceremony an enjoyable experience for preschool children and young families in this succinct retelling of the Jews’ flight for freedom from slavery. Clear explanations for each ceremonial food and ritual appear in a lively, color-coded text with dual Hebrew and transliterated equivalents, encouraging role-playing at the table; characters from the villainous Pharaoh, to the Prophet Elijah, Miriam and Moses, to all ten plagues are represented. Easy-to-learn, catchy, rhythmic songs that capture traditional Hebrew prayers combine with original English folksongs, further adding to the playfulness.

FROM CANTOR JACK KORBAN, Adath Shalom Synagogue, Morris Plains, NJ
Purchased the new Dayenu! Haggadah and CD from Ktav and it is excellent with snappy tunes that children can easily learn. A must for every music teacher, Cantor and religious school.  Yasher koach!

My boys (even though they can't read yet) want to read through the book as if it were a picture book.  When we get to the "blue parts" (song lyrics) I sing the songs and they sing along, too.  They are already so familiar with the story-- it's become a favorite!  Our seder guests will be so impressed! -- E.M. Schuchman, Silver Spring, MD

FROM HAZZAN ARLYNE UNGER, Beth Tikvah B'nai Jeshurun, Erdenheim, PA
I just wanted to let you know that my Assistant Educational Director (who is an Early Childhood Expert) and I just LOVE your new Dayenu!  It is done beautifully, and amazingly useful.  I can't wait to teach your frog song to my students.  I am also recommending that my Primary and Mechina Parents consider purchasing it for their families and will also recommend it to the preschool parents. 

Haggadah with CD:  32-page full-color, illustrated softcover haggadah (includes all song lyrics) PLUS narrated CD with all songs and blessings $17.95 + shipping

Haggadah (no CD):  32-page full-color, illustrated softcover haggadah (includes all song lyrics).  Purchase one for everyone at your seder and save on shipping! $9.95 each + shipping on first one only

Family Pack with CD:  Four 32-page softcover haggadahs plus one CD. Retail value $47.80.  Just $39.95 + shipping 

Hardcover Haggadah with CD:  32-page full-color, illustrated hardcover haggadah (includes all song lyrics) PLUS narrated music CD with all songs and blessings. A beautiful gift for a lucky child! $25.95 + shipping 

Dayenu! Songbook and User's Guide:  27-page indexed compilation of sheet music for all 23 Dayenu! seder songs and blessings with removable, heavyweight pages; includes melody line and chords. Available only from this site! $12.95 + shipping

Shipping $2.00 per order plus $4.50 per book. There is NO shipping fee for additional haggadahs of the same type!

Sheet music also is available for purchase individually as PDFs - click on Songs for Children 

Substantial educational discount may be available for bulk haggadah purchases by schools and congregations; please email Carol for details. You will be invoiced directly by the publisher

Dayenu! song list:

  • Ready for Passover
  • Candle blessing and Shehecheyanu (chant)
  • Shehecheyanu (song)
  • Kiddush (chant)
  • Karpas (chant)
  • The Four Questions/Mah Nishtanah
  • Building Cities
  • Little Baby Moses
  • The Burning Bush
  • Stubborn Pharaoh
  • Frogs!
  • Listen King Pharaoh
  • Kadima
  • Across The Sea
  • Avadim Hayinu
  • Answering the Questions
  • Motzi-Matzah (chant)
  • Bitter Herbs (chant)
  • Children's Birkat Hamazon
  • Eliyahu Hanavi
  • Thank You God
  • Dayenu
  • Mah Nishtanah Learning Track for the Very Young
  • Mah Nishtanah Learning Track for Older Children
  • Mah Nishtanah Instrumental

Listen to Ready for Passover
Music and lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:

Ready for Passover

Listen to Candle Blessing
Traditional (Passover nusach):

Candle Blessing

Listen to Shehecheyanu
Traditional (Passover nusach):


Listen to Shehecheyanu
Music and lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:


Listen to Kiddush
Traditional (Passover nusach):


Listen to Karpas
Traditional (Passover nusach):


Listen to Mah Nishtanah
Music by Ephraim Abileah:

Mah Nishtanah

Listen to Building Cities
Music and lyrics by Shirley R. Cohen:

Building Cities

Listen to Little Baby Moses
Music and lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:

Little Baby Moses

Listen to The Burning Bushs
Music and lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:

The Burning Bush

Listen to Stubborn Pharaoh
Folk melody; lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:

Stubborn Pharaoh

Listen to Frogs!
Music and lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:


Listen to Listen, King Pharaoh
Music and lyrics by Shirley R. Cohen:

Listen, King Pharaoh

Listen to Kadima
Folk song:


Listen to Across the Sea
Music and lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:

Across the Sea

Listen to Avadim Hayinu
Music by Shlomo Postolsky:

Avadim Hayinu

Listen to Answering the Questions
Music by Ephraim Abileah; lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:

Answering the Questions

Listen to Motzi-Matzah
Traditional (Passover nusach):


Listen to Bitter Herbs
Traditional (Passover nusach):

Bitter Herbs

Listen to Birkat Hamazon
Music and lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:

Birkat Hamazon

Listen to Eliyahu Hanavi

Eliyahu Hanavi

Listen to Thank You God
Music and lyrics by José Bowen:

Thank You God

Listen to Dayenu
Folk melody; English lyrics by Carol Boyd Leon:


Listen to 1st Question Learning Track for Very Young Children:

1st Question Learning Track for Very Young Children

Listen to 4 Questions Learning Track for Older Children:

4 Questions Learning Track for Older Children

Listen to 4 Questions Instrumental Track:

4 Questions Instrumental Track