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Songs from the Heart: Family ShabbatSongs from the Heart: Family Shabbat

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Published in 2000, Songs From the Heart: Family Shabbat includes 19 original, easy-to-sing songs written to help put Jewish music into the heart of each Jewish family. These songs encourage families – children and adults – to actively participate in the music at Shabbat services. And they're a wonderful resource for song leaders, cantors, and music teachers. A few of the songs are just for children, but most are for everybody. They're easy to sing for congregations, students and volunteer choirs and are written in a limited range.  Some families play the music on Friday afternoon or on their way to services to help create a Shabbat mood and many congregations have incorporated several of these melodies – especially Carol’s setting of Shalom Rav – into their Shabbat worship services.

CD:  The Family Shabbat CD lets you hear each song sung clearly and lovingly straight from Carol's heart. Guitar and piano accompaniments are complemented on some songs by violin, flute, saxophone and Klezmer-style clarinet and the youthful voices of the Chai Notes chorus. Click here for free, complete lyrics. CD $15 + shipping. (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SONGBOOK. For free songbook order, see "CD & songbook set.")

Download Entire Album: $10

Songbook:  The 48-page high-quality, professionally-published Family Shabbat companion songbook, edited by Velvel Pasternak, contains sheet music, guitar chords, and ready-to-photocopy song sheets with English lyrics and Hebrew in both transliteration and Hebrew font to help congregations, students, and choirs learn easily.  $15 + shipping (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE CD. For free songbook order, see "CD & songbook set.")

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Song List:

Listen to Shalom Shabbat Shalom:

Shalom Shabbat Shalom

Listen to Lights of Shabbat (candle blessing):

Lights of Shabbat (candle blessing)

Listen to Come See the Candles:

Come See the Candles

Listen to Hinei Mah Tov:

Hinei Mah Tov

Listen to When God Made the World:

When God Made the World

Listen to Bar-apos-chu:


Listen to The Children-apos-s Shema:

The Children-apos-s Shema

Listen to You Shall Love:

You Shall Love

Listen to Mi Chamocha:

Mi Chamocha

Listen to V-apos-shamru:


Listen to Shalom Rav:

Shalom Rav

Listen to We Give You Thanks:

We Give You Thanks

Listen to Oseh Shalom:

Oseh Shalom

Listen to Aleinu:


Listen to V-apos-ne-apos-emar-slash-Bayom Hahu :

V-apos-ne-apos-emar-slash-Bayom Hahu

Listen to The 90-Second Adon Olam:

The 90-Second Adon Olam

Listen to Shalom Aleichem, Peace to Us:

Shalom Aleichem, Peace to Us

Listen to Y-apos-varechecha:


Listen to Shalom Shabbat Shalom (Havdalah):

Shalom Shabbat Shalom (Havdalah)