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Gan Shirim, a Garden of SongsGan Shirim, a Garden of Songs

70 New Jewish Songs for Children

  • Parents’ Choice Award Winner
  • Nominated for “Best Jewish Album of 2006” by Just Plain Folks
  • Nominated for “Best Jewish Song of 2006” (Modeh Ani) by Just Plain Folks
  • Includes Shalshelet Festival winner Nakum Uvaninu ("Let Us Rise Up and Build)

Gan Shirim, published by KTAV Publishing House in 2004, includes something for every child from preschool through elementary school as well as for their music teachers and classroom teachers. Included are 70 original songs about Jewish values, holidays, beginning Hebrew and Bible characters as well as "everyday topics" with a Jewish twist such as weather and friendship. Every song is composed in a child-friendly singing range with a melody that children and adults will find appealing. Also included are several rounds that youth choirs will enjoy singing.

Song lyrics range from heartfelt in Asei L'cha Rav to humorous in Shavuot and Ice-Cream! With titles such as The Calendar Soft Shoe, Be Kind To Animals, Camel Caravan, Sleepytime Sh'ma, Dr. King's Dream, Tzedakah, Halleluyah Hoedown, Shehecheyanu, a Rosh Hashanah song called Bumblebee Waltz and a Tu B'shevat song called Groundhog Noses, you can be sure kids will love 'em and so will you.

Scroll down for track list and to listen to or download Gan Shirim songs.

Double-CD: The superb-quality double-CD of all 70 songs is a joy to sing along with and makes make learning the entire song collection a breeze! With more than 2 hours of music, the double-CD was co-produced by Adrian A. Durlester, who provides all the arrangements and accompaniments. The songs are sung by Carol and a youth choir as well as child soloists to show other children that these songs really are for them to sing and not just to listen to. Please note that the CD insert does not include song lyrics; 70 songs simply wouldn't fit (but you can find them in the songbook)! Sold by publisher for $25. As of September 2011, just $15 (plus shipping) on this website!

Download Entire Double Album:now only $12

Songbook: The 160-page perfect-bound songbook, edited by Adrian A. Durlester, includes sheet music and chords for all 70 original songs as well as big-print lyrics, background information about each song topic for adults, and even teaching suggestions. Use the songbook in conjunction with the CD to make learning the lyrics a snap! Sold by publisher for $25. Now just $15 (plus shipping) only on this website!

Double CD-and-songbook set: Super-discounted on this website! Now just $25 (plus shipping). (Sold by publisher for $50!)

Instrumental-only double-CD: A wonderful resource for teachers, and it's only available here. Students and youth choirs can sing along to the same wonderfully creative accompaniments (and fun sound effects) that are on the original CD. This was specially created for both teachers who don't play instruments and for those who prefer to have their hands free to lead children in claps, hand motions, movement and dance. $15 (plus shipping)

Download Entire Album: $10

Shipping: $2.00 per order plus $2.00 each double-CD and $5.50 each songbook

Gan Shirim song list:

Disk 1. Songs for Everyday from A to Z

Listen to Abraham:


Listen to Alef-Bet, The:

Alef-Bet, The

Listen to Asei L'cha Rav:

Asei L'cha Rav

Listen to Be Kind to Animals:

Be Kind to Animals

Listen to Boker Tov, Chaverim:

Boker Tov, Chaverim

Listen to B'rachot Song, The:

B'rachot Song, The

Listen to Busy-Bee Song:

Busy-Bee Song

Listen to Calendar Soft Shoe, The:

Calendar Soft Shoe, The

Listen to Camel Caravan:

Camel Caravan

Listen to Children's Sh'ma, The:

Children's Sh'ma, The

Listen to Circle Time:

Circle Time

Listen to Color Song, The:

Color Song, The

Listen to Dr. King's Dream:

Dr. King's Dream

Listen to Friends:


Listen to Halleluyah Hoedown:

Halleluyah Hoedown

Listen to Happy Birthday:

Happy Birthday

Listen to Hinei Mah Tov:

Hinei Mah Tov

Listen to I Like To Say Ima:

I Like To Say Ima

Listen to Ladybug Counting Song:

Ladybug Counting Song

Listen to Line Up!:

Line Up!

Listen to Look At Me! :

Look At Me!

Listen to Modeh Ani:

Modeh Ani

Listen to Nakum Uvaninu:

Nakum Uvaninu

Listen to No Pushing!:

No Pushing!

Listen to Noah, Oh Noah:

Noah, Oh Noah

Listen to One Step More:

One Step More

Listen to Rainy Day:

Rainy Day

Listen to Shalom Aleichem, Peace To Us:

Shalom Aleichem, Peace To Us

Listen to Shalom Hello! Peace! Goodbye!:

Shalom Hello! Peace! Goodbye!

Listen to Shehecheyanu:


Listen to Shiru L'Adonai:

Shiru L'Adonai

Listen to Skipping 'Round The Garden:

Skipping 'Round The Garden

Listen to Sleepytime Sh'ma:

Sleepytime Sh'ma

Listen to Tikkun Olam:

Tikkun Olam

Listen to Tzedakah:


Listen to Wash Your Yadayim:

Wash Your Yadayim

Listen to What Do You See?:

What Do You See?

Listen to What's The Weather:

What's The Weather

Listen to When You're Angry:

When You're Angry

Listen to When God Made The World:

When God Made The World

Disk 2. Songs for Holidays

Listen to Shalom Shabbat Shalom:

Shalom Shabbat Shalom

Listen to Who's That A-Knocking:

Who's That A-Knocking

Listen to Let's Get Ready for Shabbat:

Let's Get Ready for Shabbat

Listen to Sabbath Peace-Niggun:

Sabbath Peace-Niggun

Listen to Come See the Candles:

Come See the Candles

Listen to Thank You, Adonai:

Thank You, Adonai

Listen to We Give You Thanks:

We Give You Thanks

Listen to Shalom Shabbat Shalom (Havdalah):

Shalom Shabbat Shalom (Havdalah)

Listen to The Bumblebee Waltz:

The Bumblebee Waltz

Listen to L'shanah Tovah:

L'shanah Tovah

Listen to I'm Sorry:

I'm Sorry

Listen to Promises:


Listen to In the Sukkah:

In the Sukkah

Listen to I'm All Shook Up:

I'm All Shook Up

Listen to Torah Is A Special Gift:

Torah Is A Special Gift

Listen to Come See The Candles (Chanukah):

Come See The Candles (Chanukah)

Listen to Counting Candles:

Counting Candles

Listen to The Maccabees:

The Maccabees

Listen to Groundhog Noses:

Groundhog Noses

Listen to I Wanna Be A Tree:

I Wanna Be A Tree

Listen to Tu, Tu, Tu B'shevat:

Tu, Tu, Tu B'shevat

Listen to Hey! Hey! What Do You Say?:

Hey! Hey! What Do You Say?

Listen to Purim Parade:

Purim Parade

Listen to Frogs:


Listen to Miriam:


Listen to Moses:


Listen to Israel Lives in Every Jewish Heart:

Israel Lives in Every Jewish Heart

Listen to Lag B'Omer Dancing Song:

Lag B'Omer Dancing Song

Listen to Shavuot and Ice Cream!:

Shavuot and Ice Cream!

Listen to Hodu L'Adonai:

Hodu L'Adonai