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A Healing Service in SongA Healing Service in Song


Created in 2005 by the Olam Tikvah Chorale which Carol directs, A Healing Service In Song is an embodiment of the Jewish community reaching out to help those in need – not as a worship service, but rather as 13 song settings designed to bring hope and healing to viewers. A haimish group of congregational singers, all volunteers, have opened their hearts to accompany you on your journey toward healing of body, spirit and mind. Through bikur cholim, a visit to those in need of healing, they hope to provide you with the comfort of human connection, interdependence and community by singing the words of psalms and blessings which are an integral part of Jewish tradition. Let the healing powers of our sacred texts reveal the spark of the Eternal One that shines within us all. Let the sound of voices joined together in song bring you strength. Let the pastoral landscapes bring you tranquility. Let scenes of Israel bring you courage and hope. Let images of animals and flowers remind you of the wonders of creation. And let the smiles of young children bring a smile to your own face.

This DVD, which was favorably reviewed in the Jerusalem Post, is the response to a request by INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Jewish programming to run every day on its in-house chaplaincy TV channel and is intended to be viewed from beginning to end; hence, the DVD does not have separate tracks. Viewers see glimpses of the choir but mostly see beautiful scenes of nature set to choral music. It is a not-for-profit recording and the purposely low price simply reimburses the choir for the costs of production. The Olam Tikvah Chorale of Congregation Olam Tikvah in Fairfax, VA thanks the composers, videographers, photographers, designers and supporters who helped make this project a reality as did our piano accompanist, Adrian A. Durlester.  $8 + shipping

Shipping: $2.00 per order + $1.00 per DVD

A Healing Service in Song song list:

Kol Han'shamah (Praetorius)
Eitz Chayim Hi (Portnoy)
The Healing Path (Goldstein)
B'yado (Taubman)
Eil Na R'fa Na La (Friedman)
Hal'lu/Hodu (Osborne)
Mi Shebeirach (Friedman)
Esa Einai (Carlebach)
Hashiveinu (Cotler)
Mi Shebeirach (Leon)
Hashkiveinu (Leon)
B'ruchot Haba'ot (Friedman)
Y'varechecha (Leon)