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Jewish Life Cycle


Jewish Life Cycle

The Jewish Life Cycle songbook, published in 2002, includes 18 original, easy-to-sing songs for the events of Jewish life, from baby-naming through bar/bat mitzvah, wedding and beyond. Some of the songs were composed to be sung by cantors/soloists, some are for students (Consecration Day, Guide Our Steps, Asei L'cha Rav) and some are for the entire congregation to sing and enjoy (Shehecheyanu, We Will Remember Them and others). Edited by Adrian A. Durlester, the 48-page high-quality, professionally-printed saddle-stitched songbook contains sheet music, guitar chords, and ready-to-photocopy song pages with English lyrics and Hebrew in both transliteration and Hebrew font. Included is Nakum Uvaninu, a winner at the 2004 Shalshelet Festival for New Jewish Liturgical Music and the CAJE 27 theme song.  $18 + shipping

Shipping: $2.00 per order plus $3.50 each songbook

Jewish Life Cycle song list:

  • A Song Of Life (for a baby naming)
  • Birkat Yeladim (for a baby naming, birthday, Shabbat)
  • Consecration Day (for Consecration)
  • Wrapped in Holiness (tallit blessing)
  • You Open Our Hearts (for a bar/bat mitzvah)
  • You Are My Child (for a bar/bat mitzvah)
  • Guide Our Steps (for Confirmation, graduation)
  • Two Souls United (for a wedding)
  • Forever Dodi Li (for a wedding or wedding anniversary)
  • I Stand Before You (for an adult bar/bat mitzvah)
  • Our People Are Your People (for a conversion)
  • Asei L'cha Rav (blessing for teachers, rabbi)
  • Gur Ba'aretz Hazot (for a visit to Israel)
  • Mi Shebeirach (for healing)
  • From Strength To Strength (for synagogue leadership)
  • Nakum Uvaninu (for a groundbreaking or dedication)
  • We Will Remember Them (in memoriam, for Yizkor)
  • Shehecheyanu (for a celebration)