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Voices in PrayerVoices in Prayer

Songbook and Reference CDs

Voices in Prayer, published in 2007, includes 50 of Carol’s original, congregation-friendly liturgically-based melodic songs in a beautiful 72-page, professionally-printed perfect-bound songbook of sheet music and chords for optional guitar or improvised piano accompaniment. The songs, 30 of which are published here for the first time, were arranged by Adrian A. Durlester and edited by Sarah Brett England.  Most are presented in unison including Carol’s Shalom Aleichem which was a winner in the Shalshelet Festival for New Jewish Liturgical Music – although Voices in Prayer also includes some rounds as well as a 2-part choral version of Nakum Uvaninu (Let Us Rise Up and Build) and a fun, 1950’s-style 3-part choral Yism’chu. You’ll find repertoire for Shabbat, Havdalah, Rosh Chodesh, Torah services, and High Holy Day services as well as special events.  This songbook is an invaluable resource and a tremendous value! 

Songbook (no CDs) $22 + shipping ($2.00 per order + $3.50 per songbook)

Songbook with two reference CDs $30 + shipping ($2.00 per order + $4.50 per songbook with CDs)

Reference CDs of all 50 songs (these are not studio recordings but are provided to help teach the songs) $10 + shipping ($2.00 per order plus $2.00)

Download entire reference double-album $8

The entire free audio of each reference recording is included below to help you learn the songs.

Disc 1:

Listen to Adonai S'fatai:

Adonai S'fatai

Listen to Adon Olam:

Adon Olam

Listen to Asei L'cha Rav:

Asei L'cha Rav

Listen to Ashira L'Adonai:

Ashira L'Adonai

Listen to Bar'chu:


Listen to Birkat Hamazon:

Birkat Hamazon

Listen to Birkat Yeladim #1:

Birkat Yeladim #1

Listen to Birkat Yeladim #2:

Birkat Yeladim #2

Listen to Eineinu Po Imanu:

Eineinu Po Imanu

Listen to Eishet Chayil:

Eishet Chayil

Listen to Gur Ba'aretz:

Gur Ba'aretz

Listen to Hashkiveinu:


Listen to Hayom Harat Olam:

Hayom Harat Olam

Listen to Hinei Eil Y'shuati:

Hinei Eil Y'shuati

Listen to Hinei Mah Tov:

Hinei Mah Tov

Listen to Just Be Just:

Just Be Just

Listen to Ki Lekach Tov/Eitz Chayim Hi:

Ki Lekach Tov/Eitz Chayim Hi

Listen to K'lal Yisrael:

K'lal Yisrael

Listen to L'cha Adonai:

L'cha Adonai

Listen to L'cha Dodi:

L'cha Dodi

Listen to L'chu N'ran'nah:

L'chu N'ran'nah

Listen to Lights of Shabbat:

Lights of Shabbat

Listen to Ma'ariv Aravim:

Ma'ariv Aravim

Listen to May They Be For A Blessing:

May They Be For A Blessing

Listen to Mi Chamocha:

Mi Chamocha

Disc 2:

Listen to Mi Shebeirach for Healing:

Mi Shebeirach for Healing

Listen to Mi Shebeirach for Those in Need:

Mi Shebeirach for Those in Need

Listen to Modeh Ani:

Modeh Ani

Listen to Modim Anachnu:

Modim Anachnu

Listen to Nakum Uvaninu:

Nakum Uvaninu

Listen to N'kadmah Panav B'todah:

N'kadmah Panav B'todah

Listen to Oseh Shalom:

Oseh Shalom

Listen to Rom'mu:


Listen to Rosh Chodesh Blessing:

Rosh Chodesh Blessing

Listen to R'tzei:


Listen to Sabbath Peace Niggun:

Sabbath Peace Niggun

Listen to Shalom Aleichem:

Shalom Aleichem

Listen to Shalom Rav:

Shalom Rav

Listen to Shehecheyanu:


Listen to Shehu Noteh Shamayim:

Shehu Noteh Shamayim

Listen to Shiru L'Adonai:

Shiru L'Adonai

Listen to Tov L'hodot:

Tov L'hodot

Listen to V'ne'emar/Bayom Hahu:

V'ne'emar/Bayom Hahu

Listen to V'shamru:


Listen to We Give You Thanks:

We Give You Thanks

Listen to We Will Remember Them:

We Will Remember Them

Listen to Yigdal:


Listen to Yism'chu:


Listen to Yotzeir Or:

Yotzeir Or

Listen to You Shall Love:

You Shall Love

Listen to Y'varechecha: