I Like to Say Ima Sheet Music
  • I Like to Say Ima Sheet Music
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This song teaches the Hebrew word for various family members--ima (mother), abba (father), ach (brother), achot (sister), sabba (grandfather), safta (grandmother), tinok (baby), kelev (dog), and chatul (cat), and does so with humor. Plus the refrain acknowledges that "Families can be big or small. Some are short and some are tall. Although they are different as you and me, we are each loved by our family." So this song works as well for a 2-person family as for a much larger family. I hand out a laminated card with one of the family members to my students, who love to come up front and join the line as we sing about the member pictured on their card. Sheet music download includes free separate songsheet. Published in "Gan Shirim."

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