Gan Shirim, A Garden of Songs

Gan Shirim is a unique, 160-page songbook that includes sheet music for 70 original fun songs for children to sing, learn from, and enjoy. Also included are big-print lyrics for songsheets, background info about each song topic for adults, and teaching suggestions. There are songs about Jewish values, holidays, beginning Hebrew, and Bible characters, as well as "everyday songs" with a Jewish twist such as weather, colors, and friendship. There's something for all ages from preschool through elementary school. Every song is composed in a child-friendly singing range with a melody that children--and adults--will find appealing. Lyrics range from heartfelt to humorous. Each song in the songbook costs less than 22 cents, as does each mp3 (when purchased as part of the full album)--amazing value!

Songbook © 2004 by Carol Boyd Leon (ASCAP). 

A superb quality double-CD and downloads of all 70 songs sung by Carol and a youth choir is available. Disc 1 has songs for every day. Disc 2 has songs for holidays.

Songs from the Heart: Family Shabbat

18 Original Easy-to-Sing Songs for Shabbat

Family Shabbat is a 56-page songbook that includes 30 pages of sheet music and 19 pages of big-print songsheets including both Hebrew and transliteration. A CD and downloads of all 18 songs sung by Carol and a youth choir are available here.

Shalom Shabbat Shalom
Lights of Shabbat (candle blessing)
Come See the Candles (2-part round)
When God Made the World
The Children's Shema
You Shall Love
Mi Chamocha (unison or 2-part)
Shalom Rav (also available for SAB choir)
We Give You Thanks (2-part round)
Oseh Shalom (2-part round)
Aleinu (unison or 2-part)
Hinei Mah Tov
The 90-Second Adon Olam
Shalom Aleichem, Peace to Us
Shalom Shabbat Shalom-Havdalah

Songbook © 2000 by Carol Boyd Leon (ASCAP)