Burke Centre, Always My Home

Burke Centre, Virginia, is a 1,700-acre planned community in Northern Virginia. The community was begun in 1976 and is where Carol raised her children. She took the photos for the music video in Burke Centre on July 4, 2007, and the song was presented by Girl Scouts at a Burke Centre Fall Festival.


There is a place where nature lives side by side 
With those who in this great place abide. 
There is a place where people both young and old 
In community together reside. 

Nature and community 
Joined together in harmony, 
Burke Centre with its proud history 
Is the place I call my home. 

Burke Centre, Burke Centre, 
No matter where I roam, 
Burke Centre, Burke Centre 
Will always be my home. 

Music & lyrics © 2007 by Carol Boyd Leon 
All rights reserved.