Sleepytime Sh'ma

Sleepytime Sh'ma is a beautiful story-in-song. In the 32-page picture book, the lyrics wrap lovingly around the gentle illustrations. They begin with the parent talking to the child. Then the child says a bedtime prayer, including the Sh'ma. Sheet music is included at the end of the book. Free music download is available with purchase of the book ($12 plus shipping).

Now it's time to say goodnight.
Soon the stars will twinkle so bright,
High up in the heavens above,
Shining down on each of us to show God's love.

Did you make the world a happier place
By greeting everyone with your smiling face?
Did you do something kind?
Did you help someone in need?
Were you a good friend?
Did you do a good deed?

Rest your head, my dear little one
Till God brings the morning sun.
Say a prayer; I'll say one, too,
And I'll give a goodnight hug that says,"I love you."

Bless me, Adonai, as I snuggle into bed,
Warm and cozy, wrapped in lots of love.
Bless me, Adonai, as I rest my sleepy head.
Keep me safe as You watch me from above.

Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad.
Now I close my eyes to sleep can fill the night,
Till You wake me up with the morning light.

Text and song © 2003 by Carol Boyd Leon (ASCAP)
Illustrations © 2009 by Romi Caron
Book design by Jacques Anka
First printing 2010

Reviews of Sleepytime Sh'ma: A Jewish Child's Lullaby

From Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, author of "God's Paintbrush" and "Creation's First Light"

"Carol Boyd Leon gives us a beautiful way to help our children snuggle into bed. The book and song are like one big goodnight hug."

From Rabbi Gerald Serotta:

"Sleepytime Sh'ma is like a warm, cozy blanket of love. The stars shown floating into the bedroom help young children feel God's presence while children take a moment to reflect on their own acts of loving kindness and give thanks for their blessings."

From Rabbi/Cantor Sharon Steinberg

"Carol Boyd Leon's gentle poem, illustrated so beautifully by Romi Caron, sends small children off to bed feeling loved and protected and surrounded by God's love. But what is truly special is it also teaches that, young as they are, each child through simple acts of kindness plays a part in doing God's work here on earth."