Index of kids' holiday and special-event music

All of the songs below are available on the Sheet Music page.
All also are in Songbooks, except Super Simple Songs.
Most can be heard on the Jewish Music Tracks page.
Several can be heard on the Children's Music Videos page.


  • A Chicken for Shabbat (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Children’s Healing Song (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Children’s Oseh Shalom (Super Simple Songs) 
  • The Children’s Sh’ma (Gan Shirim, Family Shabbat) 
  • Come See the Candles (Gan Shirim, Family Shabbat) 
  • First We Light the Candles (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Hodu L’Adonai (Gan Shirim) 
  • Let’s Get Ready for Shabbat (Gan Shirim) 
  • Lights of Shabbat--candle blessing (Family Shabbat) 
  • Mi Chamocha (Family Shabbat, Voices in Prayer) 
  • Sabbath Peace Niggun (Gan Shirim) 
  • Shalom Aleichem, Peace to Us (Gan Shirim, Family Shabbat) 
  • Shalom Bayit (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Shalom Rav--for older kids and adults (Voices in Prayer, Famly Shabbat)
  • Shalom, Shabbat Shalom (Gan Shirim, Family Shabbat) 
  • Shalom, Shabbat Shalom – Havdalah (Gan Shirim) 
  • A Special Time (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Thank You, Adonai (Gan Shirim) 
  • Who’s That A-Knocking? (Gan Shirim) 
  • You Shall Love (Voices in Prayer, You Shall Love) 

Rosh Chodesh 

  • Rosh Chodesh (Super Simple Songs) 

Rosh Hashanah 

  • Birthday, Birthday (Super Simple Songs) 
  • The Bumblebee Waltz (Gan Shirim) 
  • The Calendar Song (Gan Shirim) 
  • Happy Birthday to the World (Super Simple Songs) 
  • L’shanah Tovah (Gan Shirim) 
  • Sweet New Year (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Way Up High in an Apple Tree (Super Simple Songs) 
  • When God Made the World (Gan Shirim, Family Shabbat)

Yom Kippur  

  • Friends (Gan Shirim)
  • I Am Sorry (Super Simple Songs) 
  • I’m Sorry (Gan Shirim)
  • Promises (Gan Shirim)

Simchat Torah  

  • Simchat Torah March (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Torah is a Special Gift  (Gan Shirim)


  • The Children's Sh'ma (Gan Shirim, Family Shabbat) 
  • Consecration Day (Jewish Life Cycle)  
  • Torah is a Special Gift (Gan Shirim)  
  • The Ten Commandments (Super Simple Songs) 


  • I’m All Shook Up (Gan Shirim)
  • In the Sukkah (Gan Shirim)
  • Our Sukkah (Super Simple Songs)
  • Sukkot Riddle (Super Simple Songs)


  • Hodu L’Adonai (Gan Shirim)
  • Modeh Ani (Gan Shirim)
  • Thank You, Adonai (Gan Shirim)
  • Tots' Modeh Ani (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Tov L'hodot--for youth or adult choir (Voices in Prayer)
  • We Give You Thanks (Gan Shirim, Voices in Prayer, Family Shabbat)   
  • We Like Thanksgiving Day a Lot (Super Simple Songs)


  • Come See the Candles—Hanukkah (Gan Shirim) 
  • Counting Candles (Gan Shirim) 
  • Don’t Blow Them Out (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Happy Hanukkah--for all ages
  • The Maccabees (Gan Shirim) 
  • One Little Latke (Super Simple Songs) 

Tu B’shevat  

  • Groundhog Noses (Gan Shirim)
  • I Wanna Be a Tree (Gan Shirim)
  • Tu, Tu, Tu B’shevat (Gan Shirim)


  • Haman’s Hat (Super Simple Songs)  
  • Hey! Hey! What Do You Say? (Gan Shirim)  
  • The Purim Parade (Gan Shirim) 


  • Across the Sea (Dayenu!) 
  • Answering the Questions (Dayenu!) 
  • Ashira L'Adonai--for older kids and adults (Voices in Prayer)
  • The Burning Bush (Dayenu!) 
  • Dayenu (with English) (Dayenu!) 
  • Frogs! (Gan Shirim, Dayenu!) 
  • Little Baby Moses (Dayenu!) 
  • Mi Chamocha (Voices in Prayer, Family Shabbat)
  • Miriam (Gan Shirim) 
  • Moses (Gan Shirim) 
  • Ready for Passover (Dayenu!) 
  • Stubborn Pharaoh (Dayenu!) 

Yom Ha’atzmaut  

  • Camel Caravan (Gan Shirim)
  • Israel Lives in Every Jewish Heart (Gan Shirim)  
  • My Flag is Blue and White (Super Simple Songs)

Lag B’Omer  

  • Lag B’Omer Dancing Song (Gan Shirim) 


  • Ruth (Super Simple Songs) 
  • Shavuot and Ice Cream! (Gan Shirim) 
  • The Ten Commandments (Super Simple Songs)


  • Guide Our Steps--for older kids (Jewish Life Cycle)  
  • Look at Me! (Gan Shirim)  
  • On Your Way (Super Simple Songs)  
  • One Step More (Gan Shirim)