Zoom Gali Gali

A song written for introducing Zoom services and concerts for children. It has a unique melody but is reminiscent of the traditional Zum Gali Gali. Substitute the word "play" for "pray" if this is not being sung at a religious service.

The Ten Commandments

This one's fun, especially if you speed up the refrain: "One commandment, two commandments, three, four, five rules to live as you should. Six commandments, seven commandments, eight, nine, ten rules to be very good."

Tikkun Olam

Children who sing this march will be inspired to do their part to help fix the world. From "Gan Shirim," the lyrics are "God made this great big world for you and me. Then said, 'Now see what you can make it be.' Let's all do our part, every boy and girl--tikkun olam, let's help to fix the world. Everyone can help. No one is too small. There's a job for each of us no matter small or tall. Let's help to make things better all throughout the land. Tikkun olam is what we'll do together hand in hand!"

Tu Tu Tu B'shevat

Preschool and kindergarten children love acting this one out. You can see glimpses of my students doing so in the video.

I Wanna Be A Tree

Who wouldn't want to be a tree on its birthday? This Tu B'shevat song has a bit of a Charlie Brown/Broadway flare.