Ladybug Counting Song Sheet Music
  • Ladybug Counting Song Sheet Music
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Would you believe--this is the first song I wrote? Gotta start somewhere, I guess, and I owe it to my ladybug finger puppets! This one teaches the feminine Hebrew numbers from 1 to 10 (achat, shtayim, shalosh, etc.), although it could be sung without any Hebrew by those simply wanting to teach counting to tiny tots, as I do in my Music Fun classes. Melody has a range of just 6 notes, making it singable by young children, who enjoy the humor of the final verse: "The tree says to the ladybugs, 'Fly away from me. I've got too many ladybugs crawling on me!'" This is one of the simplest songs in "Gan Shirim." Download includes a free songsheet explaining why ladybugs in Hebrew are "parat Moshe Rabbeinu" (the cow of Moses, our teacher) and has a chart of both feminine and masculine numbers 1-10.

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