Virginia, Ever Enshrined

Virginia, Ever Enshrined is an original ballad celebrating the Commonwealth of Virginia. It was presented to Virginia legislature January 2007 by Del. Dave Marsden. The song is available as piano/vocal sheet music, a choral arrangement, and an mp3 download.


Virginia, where the rolling mountains capture the eye, 
Virginia, where the songbirds serenade the clear blue sky, 
Virginia, where the crystal streams cross valleys so wide, 
Deep within my heart is where you'll always reside. 

Democracy's cradle, we hold you to be, 
America's birthplace, the home of liberty; 
Provenance of Presidents throughout our history; 
Your sons and daughters show the world 
That people must live free. 

The colors of the Shenandoah stay always in my mind. 
The salty air of Chesapeake I'll never leave behind. 
The pioneering spirit of the Blue Ridge you will find 
Within the soul of this Virginian, ever enshrined. 

Music © 2004, lyrics © 2006 by Carol Boyd Leon (ASCAP) 
All rights reserved. 

Also available: choral arrangement by Sarah Brett England, recorded at the College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, February 2006.

Piano/vocal sheet music