We, the People: An American Anthem


America, the home of liberty,  
America, with pride we sing of thee.  
Your sons and your daughters always brave, ever true;  
America, we pledge our loyalty to you.  

Freedom's banner waves o'er this land we love  
From which we humbly ask for blessings from the One above.  
A beacon bright with hope unites us shore to shore,  
Illumining our country's flag and all that it stands for:  
Sweet freedom forever more.  

We are living the dreams that our patriots portrayed;  
America's promise remains ours to this day:  
A tribute to the ones who fought for Red, White, and Blue.  
America, we pledge our loyalty to you.  

With pride in every heart, WE, THE PEOPLE stand as one;  
Our next great chapter now has begun.
Affirming our allegiance, we proclaim each day anew:  
America, we pledge our loyalty to you.  

Music & lyrics © 2009 by Carol Boyd Leon (ASCAP)  
Todd Herzog, vocals; Derek Wille, keyboard/arranger